The Pipe Club of Lebanon





To enhance your smoking experience, we heartily recommend the following web sites:



MKLAW Pipes, the website of David Neeb, pipemaker and pipe seller. Get beautiful pipes made by Dave and/or refurbished and sanitized estate pipes at competitive prices here:

The Smokers Forums, the "Mother" of all pipe smoking forums. If you think you know everything about pipesmoking, think again...



The Pipe Club of London



The Pipe Club of Norfolk



Pipe and Pouch



Mastro de Paja



Mac Baren






Tobacco Reviews



Smoking Pipes



Pipes Web Page



White Pipe Meerschaum Pipes



Neat Pipes



Enjoy Pipesmoking in Dutch and English



The National Pipe Museum in Amsterdam (with more than 2500 pipes on display!) or






Pedro Romero-Auyanet's Pipesmoking Homepage, Mundo Pipa



Jorge García's Club de Pipafumadores del Uruguay



The Wrecking Crew



Guillermo Ruizlimón



The Vancouver Pipe Club



Werner Bürmann's Pfeifen Designer where you can find freehand pipes, kits to make your own pipes, and also repairs






D'Capo Pipes by Paolo Minotti



Montreal Pipe Smokers Club



Invicta Briars of England



Le Pipe-Club Ardéchois