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Articles and Essays


Below are articles and essays from our members. Enjoy!

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Ahmad Al Janabi 2009 - Smoking Pipe Materials

Guillermo Ruizlimon 2009 - First Impressions Count

Salim Khoury 2009 - The 2009 Pipe Smoking Competition in Hungary

John Walker 2010 - The Pipe Club of Norfolk Competition Rules

Patrick Georgevitch 2014 - The 2014 Köln International Smoking Championship

Fares Irani 2014 - Here we are, Cologne!

Peter Khatcherian 2014 - Peter Khatcherian, Pipemaker

Daniel J. Grasse 2014 - Pipe and Tobacco Pipe Advertising in Canada and the USA 1930s-1960s

Sam Hawa 2017 - On the Benefits of Pipe Smoking