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Fourteenth Competition: November 27, 2016



3 grams of MacBaren's Virginia #1 in a straight, smooth "Real Briar" billiard




Harvey Oueijan 1:05:12 (winner)
Paul Jahshan 49:37
Mohamad Helou 45:12
Salim el-Khoury 45:01
Fares Irani 43:02
Elie Karam 41:17
Issam Sbat 33:38
Tarek Khalaf 32:08
Antoine Sarkis 16:47





Comp 2016 winner


Paul giving the prize, a Principe Albert pipe, to Harvey




Comp 2016








Thirteenth Competition: November 14, 2015

3 grams of the Pipe Club of Lebanon's Own Mixture in a straight, smooth "Real Briar" billiard


Peter Khatcherian, 44:27
Issam Sbat, 42:25

Patrick Georgevitch, 40:30

Ted Haviland (from his home in the USA), 38:20

Paul Jahshan, 37:40

Fares Irani, 35:46

Mohamad Helou, 35:04

John Walker (from his home in the UK), 30:35

Salim Khoury, 30:14

Abed Annous, 25:33

Tony Howayek, 24:47

A salute to all our pipesmoking friends!

Comp 2015 Salute

John Walker from his home in the UK

John Walker

Ted Haviland from his home in the USA




Peter getting his prize, a Vauen pipe, from Paul


Twelfth Competition: November 16, 2014

3 grams of Dunhill's Standard Mixture in a straight, rusticated "Real Briar" billiard


The prize: A (beautiful!) Brebbia pipe



Peter Khatcherian, 56:00
Issam Sbat, 53:15
Fares Irani, 51:19
Paul Jahshan, 46:08
Salim Khoury, 44:50
Tarek Khalaf, 44:37
Hervé Debuire, 44:00
Mohamad Helou, 35:19
Patrick Georgevitch, 34:40
Harvey Oueijan, 33:57
Ted Haviland, 33:20 (from his home in Missouri, U.S.A.)
Oliver Geha, 28:55
Antoine Sarkis, 28:28

Our pipes are being checked...

Ted's Pipe
...while Ted, in Missouri, is getting his kit ready

Ted lighting up

Peter concentrating on his smoke, with Tarek acting as time-keeper and referee


Issam and Peter are going on strong

Ted off
Suddenly, on the other side of the world, Ted's pipe goes off

Peter winner
A very happy Peter receives the prize, a Brebbia pipe, from the president

Mohamad, Antoine, Peter, and Paul

Peter and Patrick
Peter and Patrick

Salim and Fares
Salim and Fares

Herve and Paul
Hervé and Paul

Antoine, Hervé, and Oliver

Antoine and Issam

Fares, Peter, Tarek, and Harvey

Eleventh Competition: October 6, 2013

Tobacco: 3 grams of MacBaren's Virginia Flake in an all-purpose pipe stamped "Real Briar"

Prize: A Jobon dual pipe-and-cigar lighter

Paul Jahshan, 50 mns
Harvey Oueijan, 47:12
Salim Khoury, 44:35
Fares Irani, 42:56
Hervé Debuire, 41:30
Tarek Khalaf, 37:11
Marc Haddad, 33:11
Oliver Geha, 22:10

Preparing and filling

Preparing the tobacco and filling the pipe


Half-way through...

Paul with prize

Paul with the prize


From left to right: Hervé, Fares, Salim, Tarek, Paul, Oliver, Marc, Harvey

Tenth Competition: November 1, 2012

Tobacco: 3 grams of MacBaren's Navy Flake

In an all-purpose pipe stamped with the words "Real Briar."

Peter Khatcherian, 50:00
Elie Seif, 45:15
Salim Khoury, 42:50
Fares Irani, 37:10
Paul Jahshan, 36:20
Tarek Khalaf, 32:30
Marc Haddad, 29:30
Ted Haviland, 28:15 [Ted was participating with us "in sync" from the U.S.A.; see below]
Antoine Sarkis, 23:30
Oliver Geha, 20:17

Comp 2012

From left to right: Peter, Tarek, Paul, Oli

Comp 2012

From left to right: Salim, Marc, Elie, Fares, Antoine

Comp 2012

The first prize, a beautiful pipe created by Peter Khatcherian, our pipemaker


A first in the history of our club's annual competition, Ted Haviland, member of the PCoLeb for many years already, "synchronized" himself with us from southern Missouri, U.S.A., with his wife acting as time-keeper. Ted was smoking 3 grams of Peter Stokkebye Luxury Navy Flake.


Ninth Competition: October 16, 2011




Tobacco: MacBaren's Mixture

In an all-purpose pipe stamped with the words "Real Briar."



Paul Jahshan, 45 mns
Fares Irani: 43 mns
Tarek Khalaf:  40 mns
Salim Khoury: 36 mns
Elie Seif : 29 mns
Marc Haddad: 20 mns











Note 1: Elie Seif is not in the photos above, as he arrived just on time for the competition, missing the shots.


Note 2: Marc Haddad officially stopped at 20 mns and put down his pipe. Taking it back about 10 mns later, he found it alight. Amidst general laughter, it was decided that either the pipe was haunted, or that the pipe was so bad the briar had been burning all along!





Eighth Competition: November 20, 2010




Tobacco: MacBaren's Virginia Blend

In an all-purpose pipe stamped with the words "Real Briar."



Paul Jahshan, 52 mns
Salim Khoury: 40 mns
Tarek Khalaf:  34 mns
Marc Haddad: 33 mns
Fares Irani: 27 mns
Elie Seif and Peter Khatcherian: 23 mns




Pipe and tobacco




2010 Comp




















Seventh Competition: October 19, 2008


Tobacco: MacBaren's Vanilla Flake


Paul Jahshan, 1 hr 38 mns
Salim Khoury, 1 hr 30 mns
Tarek Khalaf, 1 hr 22 mns
Fares Irani, 1 hr 15 mns
Elie Seif, 1 hr 07 mns
Jihad Asmar, 46 mns
Oliver Jeha, 37 mns
Marc Haddad, 34 mns
Gihad Abi-Rached, 20 mns




As always, the PCoLeb strives to do something new every year. The novelty for the 7th annual competition was the use of identical pipes for all contestants. Indeed, all nine members smoked a straight, rusticated billiard "Real Briar" pipe which beautifully served its purpose.


The details of the competition, as well as the pipe casualties (two pipes burned, one of them quite dramatically) will be recounted in the coming issue of the Journal of the Pipe Club of Lebanon!





Sixth Competition: November 4, 2007


Tobacco: MacBaren's Navy Mixture


Paul Jahshan, 1 hr 9 mns
Salim Khoury, 1 hr
Jihad Asmar, 59 mns
Elie Seif, 57 mns
Tarek Khalaf, 53 mns
Fares Irani, 42 mns




From left to right: Jihad Asmar, Tarek Khalaf, Elie Seif, Fares Irani, Salim Khoury, and Paul Jahshan



The novelty, this time, was the use of a bell to signal the following events:


1. The beginning and end of the general competition


2. The beginning and end of the bowl-filling stage


3. The beginning and end of the lighting stage


4. The beginning of the smoking stage


5. The moment when the competitor finds that the pipe has gone out



1, 2, 3, and 4 are done by the president, 5 is done by the competitor himself/herself



Below is a photo of the bell, the competitors' pipes, and the tobacco used






Fifth Competition: September 17, 2006


Tobacco: MacBaren's Virginia Flake


Elie Seif, 1 hr 29 mns
Paul Jahshan, 1 hr 17 mns
Salim Khoury, 1 hr 11 mns
Fares Irani, 1 hr 10 mns
Gihad Abi-Rached, 50 mns
Tarek Khalaf, 43 mns

Marc Haddad, 11 mns


The prizes for this year were two Royal Guard pipes, one for 1st place, and one for 2nd.

Sadly, Salim and Paul discovered that their pipes had burned in the process: Salim's first-ever pipe, a beautiful Stanwell, and Paul's second pipe, bought in 1989, a Stanwell as well. We mourn the passing of these two trustworthy pipes! Below are photos of the competition and photos of the casualties.



From left to right: Oliver Geha, Jihad Asmar, Paul Jahshan, Fares Irani, Tarek Khalaf, Gihad Abi-Rached and his wife Lina, Salim Khoury, Marc Haddad, Elie Seif, and Kifah Said



The winners, Elie and Paul, and their prizes



Salim's burned pipe, at the very bottom of the bowl



Paul's burned pipe, on the left side of the bowl






Fourth Competition: September 15, 2004


Tobacco: MacBaren's Stockton


Paul Jahshan, 46 mns
Georges Hadchity, 43 mns
Fares Irani, 35 mns
Salim Khoury, 33mns
Tarek Khalaf, 29 mns

Elie Seif, 11 mns





Third Competition: August 15, 2003


Tobacco: Davidoff's Danish Mixture


In an unusual display of pipesmoking cooperation and goodwill, all competitors agreed to lay down their pipes after one hour. Amazingly, all passed the one-hour mark with flying colours.


Competitors (listed alphabetically):

Fares Irani
Paul Jahshan
Tarek Khalaf

Salim Khoury





Second Competition: August 18, 2002


Tobacco: MacBaren's Virginia Flake


Salim Khoury, 1 hr 3 mns
Paul Jahshan, 1 hr 2 mns
Elie Seif, 48 mns
Fares Irani, 47 mns
Tarek Khalaf, 45 mns
Moussa Hajjar, 36 mns

Sandra Hadchity, 34 mns





First Competition: August 6, 2001


Tobacco: Dunhill's Early Morning Pipe


Salim Khoury, 50 mns
Fares Irani, 46 mns
Paul Jahshan, 45 mns
Tarek Khalaf, 36 mns
Elie Seif, 35 mns

Tony Hadchity, 22 mns